I am currently a belly dancer but my childhood was busy with ballet lessons, flamenco and even jazz…until I met my MUSE Denia Isa. She showed me the fascinating world of belly dancing. I immediately fell in love with the music, the costumes and the culture. My passion enabled me to met great teachers like, Sarat the Bedouin, Princess Maida, Amir Taleb, Giselle Salome, Master percussionist Osvaldo Brandan, Daniel Gauna choreographer, YamilAnnun, Saida, Jillina (USA),Amit Gilboa from Singapur, among others.

I competed and performed in Latin America and in Asia. In 2007 I won the 1stprize at the International Dance Contest Kuala Lumpur  in Malaysia, organized by The Dance Space. I had the honor to dance at the Royal Wedding of the Sarawak Prince in Borneo.

During 2009-2011 I've been training belly dance instructors in Argentina, and created Apsaras troupe conformed by professional Argentinean and Malaysian belly dancers. As apsaras we are a family who shares the same values and passion for dancing no matter were we are. 

Currently I am instructing in MADSOC  at University of Sydney. 

© 2015 Nazira Hamdan

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